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Giveaway is over… fini… finito… acabado… ;)

Thanks once again to the wonderful FSMeurinne for hosting a giveaway of Being Chased on her blog http://www.fsmeurinne.com/

Congrats to the winners!

And thank you to all who entered!

Keep an eye out for the next CEP novel coming in December! 🙂


The lovely FSMeurinne is hosting a giveaway of Being Chased! Be sure to check it out & enter to win 🙂


Enter a chance to win a copy of Being Chased by Harper Bentley August 6th – August 15th 2013!


Being Chased .99 for a limited time!

For a limited time, pick up Being Chased for .99!

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Book has released! !

Being Chased is now live on Amazon.com!

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Release Date

My book Being Chased #1 in the series CEP will be coming to Amazon soon! I’m so excited!



Citadel Executive Protection (CEP): New York City’s top-rated security agency that hires and assigns only the best of the best for each case.

When New York City’s elite are being terrorized, Julia Cooke’s father hires CEP bodyguard Chase Murphy to guard her. Chase takes all his assignments seriously and knows the danger of each situation. In addition, he needs this job to continue his education to achieve his ultimate goal of practicing law one day. How could he know the biggest danger this time would be guarding his heart?

Julia Cooke is a young professional who’s convinced that her multimillionaire father’s only concern in having her guarded is to protect his money. Julia is immediately attracted to Chase, but his strictly-business demeanor puts her off. Just how is she supposed to ignore the handsome man responsible for her well being?

When a beautiful woman and a hot bodyguard come together to battle bad guys, each other, and their own feelings, someone’s bound to let their guard down.

Book cover!

Book cover!

Here’s the beautiful cover that Jada D’Lee Designs made for Being Chased. Love it!

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