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Which Series?

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13 thoughts on “Which Series?

  1. reader00 on said:

    All of them but maybe Thursday or the fighter series since I have to pick one.

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  2. Tamra Mavila on said:

    The Wait Series & The High Rise series please!

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  3. I’m working on getting to the High Rise (The Fighter) series soon!!! Sundays will hopefully be out next November! ❤


  4. Michelle Schlepp on said:

    Definitely The BFD. You have mad writing skills!

    Sincerely, Michelle Schlepp

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  5. thenaturallyrandom1 on said:

    Serenity point.

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  6. Laura Forrest on said:

    You need to conclude the Wait Series do need that tied up.Also really liked the BFD so want that to continue.

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  7. I like all of your books but if I had to pick 1 series it would CEP.

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  8. Jessica Jordan on said:

    I would say the. High Rise and BFD, if I had to choose 2 choices, it would be those. But since it’s only one I wouldn’t know which one to chose cause I love both and would love to read more. Like powers boys. LOL

    Take care,

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