Harper Bentley

USA Today Best Selling Author of adult and new adult contemporary romance

The Powers That Be Series


25 thoughts on “The Powers That Be Series

  1. Danielle on said:

    Why are you skipping rulers story??


  2. Catherine Assuncao on said:

    When will there be a 3rd book?


  3. Wendy on said:

    Just finished reading Gable, loved the writing, humor and tension. Only wished for an epilogue.


  4. victoria on said:

    Yes!!! I have been checking my kindle every week for the 3rd powers that be !! I loved Zeke and Gable and am excited for this next novel !! Thankyou Harper Bentley !!


  5. Danielle on said:

    Will loch’s story be out at the end of September?


  6. Can’t wait for Ryker’s book! I’ve got everything you’ve written so far (fan girl nerd alert!) and I love them!


  7. Is there a release date for Ryker’s book?


  8. Jakeida Smith on said:

    It’s the end of December what’s going on


  9. Jakeida Smith on said:

    It’s the end of December what’s going on with rykers story.


  10. Loved Ryker! Can’t wait for your next release, I just wish there were more Powers brothers. Can’t you discover an equally hot cousin of theirs to write about? πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰


  11. Jessica Jordan on said:

    Will there be more books based on the Power Brothers? I would love to know the continuance of their lives. 😁


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