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Cover Reveal! Mondays (The Wait, Book 2) Coming Soon!

Another beautiful cover by Jada D’Lee Designs!

❤ ❤ ❤

Cover Reveal! Drake (The Powers That Be, Book 5) Coming Soon!


Once again Jada D’Lee Designs has outdone herself!

I ❤ this cover so much! 🙂

drakeebookcover drakefullcover-1

COVER REVEAL! Thursdays (The Wait, Book 1) coming Nov. 22!

Here’s the gorgeous cover for Thursdays (The Wait, Book 1)

made by the wonderful Jada D’Lee Designs!

Coming November 22!

thursdaysebook thursdays-1


Cover Reveal! Under the Gun (CEP #3) coming soon!

The WONDERFUL Jada D’Lee Designs created yet another gorgeous cover!

❤ it!



Cover Reveal! The Fighter (The High Rise, Book 1) Coming Soon!

The wonderful Jada D’Lee Designs has outdone herself again with the beautiful cover!

I LOVE it! ❤

Thanks to Lance Jones, cover model! How hot is he? 🙂


Cover reveal!! Ryker (The Powers That Be, Book 4) Coming Dec. 31!

Another gorgeous cover by Jada D’Lee Designs! ❤


Ryker (2)

Cover Reveal!! Loch (The Powers That Be, Book 3) Coming Soon!

Another FABULOUS cover by the amazing Jada D’Lee Designs!




Cover Reveal!! Always and Forever (Serenity Point #2) Coming Soon!

Another gorgeous cover by Jada D’Lee Designs!


A&F (1)



Cover Reveal!! Zeke (The Powers That Be, Book 2) Coming Soon!

Beautiful! ❤

by Jada D’Lee Designs 🙂




Cover Reveal!! Gable (The Powers That Be, Book 1) Coming Soon!

Jada D’Lee Designs cover for my next book.

I love it! ❤

GABLE final cover


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