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Meet an Author–Anne Mercier!

Introducing my guest author


Anne Mercier!

Anne is one of the first authors I met & we immediately became friends. She’s one of the most generous people I know & I love her tons ❤

After she published Falling Down (Rockstar Book 1)–along with drooling over Jesse Kingston (GAH!)–I had the best time celebrating the success of her first published book as it rocked the charts for weeks! I almost had to fly to Wisconsin to administer oxygen to her because she was freaking out so much LMAO

So let’s find out a little about Anne!

1. What’s your hidden talent?

Anne: Remembering things. I still remember my locker combination from 8th grade.

2. If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you win a medal for?

Anne: Reading. Definitely reading.

3. What’s your go-to band when you can’t decide what to listen to?

Anne: Not so much a band as I have a playlist on Spotify with songs that always work for me.

4. What’s something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Anne: Go on vacation alone. It’s amazing how much a person can need solitude and not know it. (I SO wanna do this!!!)

5. What’s something that a ton of people are obsessed with but you don’t get the point of?

Anne: Shoes, specifically those high heels. I get it. They’re pretty and all, but I prefer comfort over foot torture.

6. What are you looking forward to most in the next 10 years?

Anne: Traveling to other countries and meeting readers.

7. What fad or trend do you wish would come back?

Anne: Wow, I don’t know. Slouch socks? Shaker sweaters? Honestly, I don’t know. (Slouch socks *snorts* Gotta love the ’80s 😛 )

8. What question do you most want to know the answer to?

Anne: Is heaven real?

9. Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month? 

Anne: Well, I’d give up bathing if I could still wash with a wash cloth… LOL Giving up the Internet for a whole month? Yikes (I think I could do it…I stayed off for about 3 weeks a while back, but I did feel completely lost when I returned EEP!)

10. What’s the first book that made you cry?

Anne: Like really ugly cry? When It Rains by Lisa De Jong. Holy crap, that book gutted me. 

11. If you could market/sell only one of your books for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

Anne: The Way Back To Me. Why? Because it’s good as a standalone and I think most people enjoyed that book more than any of my others. (OMG The beginning of this book killed me! Poor Olivia 😥 )

12. Which character have you written that’s most like you?

Anne: A combination of Lucy and Sera from the Rockstar series.

13. What do you munch on when writing?

Anne: Fruit… grapes, pineapple, cut up watermelon.

14. What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?

Anne: I’d give up just about anything to become a better writer—just about. I wouldn’t give up my laptop. That’s going too far lol

15. If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do?

Anne: Hang out with a different crowd, not party so much, and focus on my grades.

16. Have you ever Googled yourself?

Anne: Only to search for pirated copies of my books. I don’t want to know what people are saying. It’s better this way. LOL ( 😛 )

17. Music or silence when you write?

Anne: MUSIC! I need music for my creativity to feed off of.

18. Is there any other genre you’d like to try writing?

Anne: More young adult. I started the Truths series but I have a lot of ideas for more YA books. Also, police procedural with heavy romantic elements. (Yasss!!)

19. If you could spend the day with one of your characters, who would it be and what would you do?

Anne: I’d want to just goof off all day and act like fools. Sing out loud in public places, dance in the middle of the street… just, have fun.

20. Which character in your books would you be least likely to get along with?

Anne: The snobby prissy chicks that annoy my characters.

21. How do you choose the names of your characters?

Anne: I choose first names that sound sexy or intriguing. I tend to Google surnames a lot.

22. Your latest book continues your Rockstar Series. What got you into writing rock?

Anne: I suppose it’s my love of music, for one. Another—I was writing the first Truths book when the Rockstars showed up in my head. Their voices were demanding and drowned out the Truths characters.  That’s how the Rockstars were born.  

23. What’s one thing you’d like readers to get out of your books?

Anne: To be able to go to that place—you know the one… the one where they can escape reality for a while and leave all the stressors of life behind.

24. What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten when it comes to your books?

Anne: That they’re the best someone’s ever read. That they prefer them over FSOG <- shocker! (Nice!)

25. Can you tell us what you’ve got coming up next? 

Anne: I’ve got Xander: Book 2, The Present (Rockstar 10). After that I think I’m going to change it up a bit and write something different. I’m looking forward to when we finally find the time to collaborate on something!! It’ll be epic. (Excited for the next Xander! ❤ And I’d love to collab w/ you! It’s gonna have to be one of those “Let’s just do it” kinda things ’cause if we wait until we have time, well, it’ll never happen lol)

You can pre-order Anne’s next book Xander: Book 2, The Present (Rockstar 10) on Amazon by clicking on the gorgeous cover below!

Xander: Book 2, The Present (Rockstar 10) by [Mercier, Anne ]

Great big thanks to you, Anne, for the interview! You’re the best, chica! ❤

Connect with Anne here


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