Harper Bentley

USA Today Best Selling Author of adult and new adult contemporary romance

Ryker–Coming Soon!

I’ve had several inquiries as to when Ryker will be available on Amazon, and all I can tell you is hopefully soon! I’ve been waiting for over 9 hours now for Amazon to post it, but since I’m a self-publisher, I have no control over when they decide to put it on sale. But it is available on Smashwords right now if you want to purchase it there! 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Ryker–Coming Soon!

  1. Just bought it on amazon.com It comes up if you search for “Ryker by Harper Bentley”.


  2. Melissa Turner on said:

    Got it!!!!! Happy Dance!!


  3. Ariana on said:

    Hi there! Congrats on your release of Ryker! Just wondering if you have a time frame for when the book will be released on other platforms such as iBooks?


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