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The Powers That Be Series

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36 thoughts on “The Powers That Be Series

  1. Danielle on said:

    Why are you skipping rulers story??


  2. Catherine Assuncao on said:

    When will there be a 3rd book?


  3. Wendy on said:

    Just finished reading Gable, loved the writing, humor and tension. Only wished for an epilogue.


  4. victoria on said:

    Yes!!! I have been checking my kindle every week for the 3rd powers that be !! I loved Zeke and Gable and am excited for this next novel !! Thankyou Harper Bentley !!


  5. Danielle on said:

    Will loch’s story be out at the end of September?


  6. Can’t wait for Ryker’s book! I’ve got everything you’ve written so far (fan girl nerd alert!) and I love them!


  7. Is there a release date for Ryker’s book?


  8. Jakeida Smith on said:

    It’s the end of December what’s going on


  9. Jakeida Smith on said:

    It’s the end of December what’s going on with rykers story.


  10. Loved Ryker! Can’t wait for your next release, I just wish there were more Powers brothers. Can’t you discover an equally hot cousin of theirs to write about? πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰


  11. Jessica Jordan on said:

    Will there be more books based on the Power Brothers? I would love to know the continuance of their lives. 😁


  12. Loving the series have just gotten ‘zane’ now I’m curious on the ages of the brothers come theend of book 6. Pretty please. Love reading about the boys.


  13. I really enjoyed reading each characters stories and i cant wait to read the spinoff cousin series!
    Will we be getting another novella type book about Gable and Scout and the rest in the future??? That would be so exciting!!

    Cant wait to see what you else you come up with!


  14. Sherry Terfone on said:

    I seriously loved this series ~ you have quickly become one of my favorite authors! I put you right up there with C.M Owens, Hazel Hunter, Jo Raven and TM Frazier. Wonderful characters and the right amount of steam make ALL your books instant favorites : ) Thank you for sharing!


    • Hi Sherry! Oh my! I feel so honored to be amongst those fabulous authors as your favorite! That makes me smile HUGE πŸ˜ƒ I’m so glad you love the Powers boys as much as I do! You seriously made my day! Thanks again for such an uplifting note and for reading! You’re awesome!! 😘β™₯️


  15. Racey Jones on said:

    Do these books need to be read in order or can they stand alone?

    I noticed one of them was on sale on iTunes, but I didn’t want to read anything out of order if the stories build on one another.


  16. Melanie Zeidler on said:

    I Love these Books so much that I reread them every couple month 😊! I love all the guys and girls and you for creating them! I hope you’re feeling better after your break. And I’m looking forward to the 3 others. But please take good care of yourself, that’s more important (^u^)/ Fighting 😁


    • Hi Melanie! OMG You are the best ever! I’m so glad you love the Powers series & want to reread the books! That just made my day!
      I’m feeling pretty good & think I’m ready to dig in & get some writing done!
      Thank you so much for writing this sweet note. It’s readers like you who make it all worth it & make me love what I do ❀ Hugs!


  17. Wendy Smith on said:

    When will the 7th book about Kase be out? I love this series! Ive read it seems like thousands of times. Gable is still my favorite one though. But I love all the Powers men!!


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