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Awesome gift from my kiddo! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

The winner is JoAnne Fairchild!

Congrats! I’ll send the gift card to the email listed with your name unless you have another address you’d like for me to send to! Let me know! πŸ˜‰

I’d love to hear about/see some of the awesome gifts you’ve received! πŸ™‚

Share in the comments & be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card! (I don’t know how many of you are out there ’cause I’m kind of a tech idiot…so if there’s only 1 of you, you win! LOL)

Winner will be announced on Sunday, March 5!

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Bday gift from my beautiful daughter 😊❀

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14 thoughts on “Awesome gift from my kiddo! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

  1. JoAnne Fairchild on said:

    OMG! The head scratcher/massager is orgasmic! It is a “must try” for everyone at 3-5 dollars!!!πŸ™„


  2. Latifa Morrisette on said:

    It was my first bike when I was 5. It had daisies and green and white streamers on the handlebars


  3. My favorite gift I remember from growing up was the stereo system that had the two removable speakers on the sides.
    When I went to college my parents got me the mini tv with built VHS player (now I feel old….) and a cookware set and all of my dorm stuff.
    As a grown up, money is usually the gift which is great for me :). I’ve also received my kindle then a kindle fire, sewing machine, food processor (which I love!).
    My son got me a beautiful hand spun glass angel this Christmas that is gorgeous.
    I’ve been very lucky and blessed with my gifts in life. I still have all of it too!


  4. Taranjit on said:

    Unexpected cards in the mail or just thoughtful gifts (like a letter talking about great moments from the past); or just gifts that are meaningful and show that the person made an effort to remember what you liked (like receiving your favourite series or book).


  5. Aglipay Necesito on said:

    Last Christmas, I received a Christmas card from my new American friend (I’m from Philippines) and it’s the best gift I got so far because it’s my first time to receive a Christmas card in my 21 years of existence. It really warms me to receive such card with a very heartwarming letter. No matter how small it is as long as it is given whole heartedly. πŸ™‚


  6. Nicole on said:

    That’s an awesome gift! I’ve had so many awesome gifts over the years. The most monumental was when my parents wrote off a debt. We’d borrowed money to buy a car and they ended up giving us that money as a Christmas gift. Was so lovely ❀


  7. Was great when I got a box in the mail. And you signed them all . Your an amazing author


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